Sac de ma Mère

Perfumed Candle 5.8 Oz

Le Sac de Ma Mère candle will enhance your home with its powdery iris and violet notes mingled with the freshness of rosewood, and adorned by the gaïac wood and birch bark leather tones.
Sac de ma Mère - Bougie Parfumée 175 g

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Annick Goutal candles are composed of a blend of high-quality brand-specific mineral waxes. The wicks used are cotton and waxed so that they remain upright when the candle melts during burning. Each candle is treated with the utmost care. An exclusively handcrafted know-how.


Beautiful decorative objects, the Annick Goutal candles are presented in an elegant clear glass with gold and light line and adorned with the Annick Goutal logo.

During each use, particularly the first combustion, we recommend you to let your candle burn a few hours. The wax still being liquid, make sure, after extinguishing it, that the wick is centered and vertical. It will burn cleaner and evenly down to the bottom of the glass. Before each use, cut the wick short to avoid long dark smoke.

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