An Artist
guided by her passion

A fascinating personality, a visionary woman with an atypical path: one of an artist who never stopped listening to her instinct and passion. Pianist, then fashion model, Annick Goutal discovered she had a genuine gift for creating perfumes and a vocation: she would become a perfumer.

A generous and extremely elegant woman and a universe that looks like herself: refined, feminine and modern.


Birth of Perfumery House

In 1981, Annick opened her first shop Rue de Bellechasse, Paris. An enchanting place with an intimate, sophisticated atmosphere that marked the birth of the Annick Goutal House.

In her workshop, she pursued her love for beautiful raw materials. Annick soon made a name for herself thanks to the originality of her creations and built her own personal perfumery, which quickly attracted connoisseurs.

Perfume became her new music. Little by little, she signed her first creations, Eau d'Hadrien, Petite Chérie, presaging the dawn of a unique olfactory adventure.

As time went on, the Annick Goutal House created a new chapter in the French Perfumery and developed throughout the world.

A universe of Emotion

Olfactory creations, each telling their own story.
Intimate and personal interpretations, echoing a memory in us all and inviting us to dream.

The Excellence

The Passion of beautiful raw materials

At Annick Goutal excellence is not only at the heart of the creative process, it is also a philosophy in itself. Annick Goutal olfactory creations contain the rarest and noblest essences, almost all of natural origin, such as Sicilian lemon, Damascus rose, Italian iris and tuberose from Grasse. Raw materials chosen with the greatest care and extreme precision, to achieve, note after note, the perfect harmony.


A Know-How

Out of a desire for authenticity, the bottles, products and packaging are made exclusively in France by expert craftsmen, resulting in an exceptionnal finesse in its detail. The finishing decorative touches are almost all done by hand, each one conveying a memory in the creator's life. As Annick Goutal liked to point out "luxury is in the details".
Perfumery know-how combined with a retro-chic style reflecting the unique, timeless world of Annick Goutal.

30 years of creation

Annick Goutal bequeathed her love of perfume to her daughter Camille and her lifelong colleague Isabelle Doyen, who since then have become the House's perfumers and the creators of the new products.
Camille and Isabelle share the same love of fine materials, and work together in an atmosphere where the winds blow free, with an unique olfactive signature...


Camille Goutal & Isabelle Doyen - Perfumers

The Annick Goutal House:
key dates

1981Creation of the Annick Goutal House - Opening of the shop Rue de Bellechasse - Launch of Eau d'Hadrien - Launch of the Home Collection
1985Opening of the shop Rue Castiglione / Saint-Honoré
1998Launch of Petite Chérie
2001Launch of The Soliflores
2005Launch of The Splendide Line
2009Launch of Un Matin d'Orage
2010Launch of Ninfeo mio
2012Launch of Nuit Étoilée
2013Launch of The Colognes, Bath & Beauty Collection and Eau de Monsieur
2014Opening of the shop on Bleecker Street, New York - Launch of Vent de Folie
2015Opening of the shop on Madison Avenue, New York - Opening of the e-boutique in the United-States - Launch of L'Ile au Thé
2016Launch of Rose Pompon and Tenue de Soirée