1001 Ouds

Eau de Parfum 2.55 Fl.Oz

Picturing an Arabic princess from the 1001 Nights, covered with gold and gemstones, Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen imagined 1001 Ouds. Its name, on its own, makes you dive in a tale, in an enchanting journey to the Middle East.

An intriguing and fascinating scent, as sensual as refined.

Annick Goutal l 1001 Ouds Eau de Parfum 75 ml

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Annick Goutal House created a new collection to pay tribute to beautiful raw materials: Les Absolus d’Annick Goutal.
Three new scents, each highlighting a precious raw material: Vanilla, Amber, Oud.

Annick, intrigued by the Arabian princesses who come to Rue de Castiglione asking for oud, has always been charmed by this incredible substance.
She observed the traditional fumigations that women use to perfume their clothing before an amorous encounter.

Creation date: 2015 - Olfactive family: Oriental


With its elegant minimalist form and rounded engulfing shoulders, the bottle, designed exclusively for the Collection Les Absolus d’Annick Goutal is avant-garde. When it catches the light, the two initials of the Annick Goutal House engraved in the bottom of the glass echo the golden, engraved metal of the cap.

Discover Ambre Sauvage and Vanille Charnelle, the two other creations from the collection Les Absolus d'Annick Goutal.

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