Petite Chérie

Perfumed Body Cream 6.8 Fl.Oz

The perfumed body cream Petite Chérie revives the pleasure of enjoying the delicious fruity floral notes of Petite Chérie and accentuates its scent trail all day long.
Its velvety texture is rich, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. A beautiful perfumed caress for the skin...
Petite Chérie- Crème Corps Parfumée 200 ml
Babassu oil which moisturises skin and leaves it supple, Vitamin E which protects from external aggression, Allantoin to improve skin hydration* and cell renewal, a touch of natural-origin mineral powder for a silky effect. *Hydratation of the upper layers.
The perfumed body cream Petite Chérie can be used to complement your fragrance and intensify the scent trail, or combined with our other fragrances to further personalise the scent. It magnifies the rose-pear notes of Ce Soir ou Jamais. It refreshes Eau de Charlotte. It makes Quel Amour ! fresher and fruitier. It brings a fruity floral note to the rose in Rose Splendide It brings a sweet and tender facet to Musc Nomade. We advise you to use this body cream in association with the shower gel and the soap of the same scent.

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